Digital Jewelry Design

Now that Shapeways has silver as part of it’s range of materials available to the Shapeways community, digital designers of jewelry can now compete with traditional jewelers on an equal playing field due to the quality of material. 

Previously designers using Shapeways had to work with what to many would be considered inferior materials, but to some exciting and unique like

Grey Robust with its glossy ridges honestly expressing the layered process or the granular nature of 3D printed stainless steel.

To celebrate the inclusion of silver in the material range I thought we might take a look at some contemporary, digitally manufactured jewelry designs using a broad range of materials.

Starting with Shapeways community members Nervous System with their algorithmic excellence.

Ted Noten who’s series Haunted By 36 Women is the result of a one year survey through the world of women. Featuring: the Fashionista, the Icecream Girl and the Femme Fatale. To produce the works he created full scale assemblages which he 3D scanned and then translated into a range of experimental, 3D printed jewelry.

Arthur Hash from State University of New York, New Paltz Lectures in Digital Fabrication in Studio Arts and has a prolific practice embracing many digital techniques. Keep an eye on his blog to see new works and random inspiration.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew’s Jointed Jewels are a contemporary take on the cascading pearls incorporating a ball and socket joint.

French duo Miette produce some amazing pieces and some truly astounding digital concepts.

And possibly a ‘little’ more out there, and less ‘wearable’ are Joshua DeMonte‘s architectural couture pieces. 

Who are your favorite digital jewelry designers?

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