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Friday Feature: Minime, Silver Rings & Giant Miniature Ants

After a brief intermission filled with trade fairs, flu and flights we return to our regular friday feature of the latest amazing models to be shared on the It Arrived forum by the Shapeways community.  If you would like to be featured next week be sure to post your clear photographs and descriptions….

First up and quite mind blowing is the Minime by Tristan Bethe from a full body 3D scan. Can’t wait to see the results of the 3D scan of his wife in her wedding dress!!

Stunning first attempt at 3D printing is the Pilot and accessories for an Remote Controlled Mustang by Lupus. Amazing level of detail achieved using Softimage XSI and Zbrush with clean and clear detailed prints.

The first silver prints have started to be shipped with Václav Mazaný’s Holey Ring showing the polished finish you can expect with Shapeways silver.

Trent’s Devil Guy – Drunk, and spinning… By Admiral

Miniature giant ant! by Datto Design

Bram’s Square by OSKAR looking very Mondrian

Stepped Corner Die D6 and Stepped Die D12 by Stop4stuff

King SandMan BattleMech (1/285th) by KSND

Again showing the amazing quality and diversity of designs on Shapeways.. Keep them coming..

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