Supersize Your 3D Prints

Attention all architects, interior designers, furniture makers and anyone who has come up against the build envelope of White Strong Flexible, you can now supersize your 3D prints

Now any models that are larger than the previous limit of 230 x 180 x 310 (WxDxH mm) will be sent to a new machine in our SLS arsenal that can print up to 700 x 380 x 580 mm or 27.6 x 15 x 22.9 in or approx. 7 x 4 x 5 MakerBots.

So if like Scott Summit you are in the business of prosthetic limbs you can now 3D print them with Shapeways.. Or if like furniture designer like Chris Hardy you can 3D print your furniture components without having to break down the parts into sections to fit the build chamber. If you are an architect or interior designer you can 3D print scale models for client presentations, sales centers and architectural competitions.

At this larger scale and with this machine there are no changes to the design rules and 3D printing process. Depending on the geometry of your model you may need to increase the wall thickness of your model up to if there are large unsupported spans.  Think of bridge architecture, if there are no supporting structures then make it thick…

There is however a slight loss of detail from 0.2mm with standard size WSF to 0.5mm with supersize WSF.

We have already got supersized orders coming in and look forward to seing what you all do with the increased scale.. Perhaps we will see the world’s largest twisty puzzle next?

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  1. Chris

    Wow… so good! This will open up all sorts of opportunities. Thanks Shapeways!

  2. jeff bare

    Been waiting for this scale to be available at shapeways cost. Thrilled about this.

  3. Duann


    Looking forward to see what you all do with this….

  4. Mitchell Jetten

    i’m building a train in 1:43,, wich is gonna be 63cm long,, so now i don’t have to try slicing it!

    Duann,, are there thoughts of decreasing the WSF price when you make large objects? or was this allready for WSF?

    1. duann scott

      Hi all,

      There is a volume discount on models with a volume greater than 30cm3 and density higher than 10%.
      After the first 30cm3, the remaining volume is calculated with a 40% discount.

      We will write about this a little more on the blog soon.

  5. jeff bare

    Wonder if shapeways will offer large scale color dyeing of these supersized WSF. I’d be interested.

    1. Duann

      Hey Jeff, I will ask,
      But I think they may get too big.

    2. jeff bare

      yea, i know they’d be too big for me to do myself, so it’d be understandable. unless i used my bathtub….

  6. George Bell

    Cool! Can we get fries with our orders too? :-)

    It would be convenient if the user got some kind of message after ordering something that required the “supersize printer”. Something like:

    “Note: Your model is printable but only on our largest printer. Therefore the detail of this print will drop to 0.5mm. If you must have 0.2mm detail your object must fit inside 230mm x 180mm x 310mm.”

    1. Duann

      Fries, yes, if you count the packaging,

      Good idea with the message, I will pass it on to the development team.

      Oh, and what sort of drink would you like with your Supersize Print & Fries

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