Dutch Design Week first days

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This is a short impression of the first week-end of the Dutch Design Week. Above you can see our booth (located in “het klokgebouw” at Strijp S) with the lamps (30 pencil icosahedron) and 36 pencil bowls from Michiel Cornelissen. It was fun to see that yesterday the pencil bowl was picked up by the RTL4 news. Michiel was there promoting his designs as was Virtox. Of course there were also a few of us (Robert, Arno and Maartje) around! Below you can see Virtox’ Gyro the cube and Shell-light.

Next to these beautiful designs, we also have designs from N-E-R-V-O-U-S (pictures will follow), our own Lightpoem and other designs at our booth. Of course there is lots and lots more to see at the Dutch Design Week. It is a bit of Design overload! So go check it out. The Design Week lasts till the end of the month!


  1. jeff bare

    Looks like a great show, glad to see some of the best shapeways community designers active at the show.

    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      Hi Jeff, yes it is a lot of fun. Of course we are very happy with Michiel and Virtox in person on the booth presenting their designs and Nervous systems models on display. Obviously we are welcoming enthusiastic community members at our booth! So if you have a passion about creating, have a look at our meetup.com page for the next show and let us know if you want to help!

  2. Michiel Cornelissen

    DDW is a blast! I’m super happy with how the stand turned out; if you have a chance to visit, do. During the weekend the activity at the stand was frantic, and (though I’m not there today) I hear today’s not been bad either. I had to get a rush order for business cards today, as I went through all of them in the first few hours of Saturday…

    Thanks Shapeways – it’s a great opportunity!


  3. MIng-Hua

    I hope to come and visit saturday. It looks like a lot of fun. :(

    1. Ming-Hua

      :( as I can’t visit during the week. -> Working.

  4. Virtox - Stijn van der Linden

    Just got back from my third day!
    And Wow! What a trip! :-D
    DDW is on of the biggest design event in our little country and the Shapeways stand is one of the busiest! Even on a Tuesday the event is well visited.

    Besides showing and promoting my own work, I’m very busy explaining and promoting Shapeways in general, and also the work of all the other great designers and artists here!

    I lost count how many times I wrote down “Baroba”, “Bulatov” and many others.
    Also surprising I know most of you guys by name and work ;-)

    I must say, it’s very hard work, not much more than a five minute break every two hours. The rest is almost non-stop conversation with interested people!
    But it’s also very cool to do! :-)
    Wonderful to see people’s first reaction to 3d printing and personalized fabrication.
    Seeing them, trying to wrap their head around the whole concept.

    My biggest thanks to the Shapies for this life-changing opportunity :-)

  5. Shapeways Blog

    We have been looking for ways to help the Shapeways community get their designs out into the wild and have got a few exciting projects on the boil.  One that we need you to help us test is the Shapeways Widget that allows you to embed your Shapeways sho

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