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Most of the Shapeways community would be considered on the high end of tech savvy, with the ability to generate 3D models in CAD, the initiative to seek out and use a site like Shapeways to realize their ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit to commercialize those ideas using Shapeways to handle the financial transaction, manufacture and distribution of their products.

Those of you who have installed Google Analytics into their Shapeways shops can now see where your traffic is coming from and can work to promote your designs to those that are showing interest.  What you may not be able to see is the overall trends emerging of how visitors to Shapeways are finding the site.  To share a little with you we are seeing increasing, significant and constant traffic from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Those of you who have been embedding your YouTube videos into your shops we are now tweeting each of the videos you now upload onto the site from our @Shapeways account. YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet so it is well worth creating a video and embedding links to your shop making sure you use a descriptive title and add more details about your product in the description.




You can also tweet each time you purchase yours, or anyone else’s
product on Shapeways using the Share It button upon confirmation of
your order. You can also share your gallery of favorites using the same button.

Shapeways currently has over 2000 followers on Twitter including members of the Shapeways community like  @4m3d, @VirtoxNet & @JakeMDrews along with industry DIY/mass customization/co-creation peers like @makerbot, @Josephflaherty & @joepine to design heavyweights like @johnmaeda and a large group of press and marketing types from bloggers to print journalists keeping an eye on the products, people and processes Shapeways is tweeting about.

Be sure to follow @Shapeways and tweet about your designs, and we will add you to our twitter list of Shapeways users, retweet to our followers, and from time to time we will have special offers for our twitter followers so keep an eye on the feed.

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