Winners of the Christmas Co-creator Contest 2010

Congratulations to Spinfaces with his naughty but nice Bathroom Santa! winner of the Christmas Co-creator Contest.

Showing a great sense oh humor as well as multiple levels of customization including:

  • Customize images on book cover
  • Customize text and font on book cover
  • Customize short note on books pages
  • Customize text and and text color of base

Runners up (in no particular order) are:

All finalists will get a 3D print of their design while Spinfaces will also get a $100 Shapeways coupon. A big thanks to all who entered the Christmas Co-creator Contest, keep an eye on the contest page for future contests.


  1. Anonymous

    To enter:
    * Product can not cost more than $100 (excl. VAT and mark-up) and needs to be Christmas themed.
    -Building Block is a keepsake dedicated to a newborn.


    1. Duann

      Hi there,

      The building blocks can be printed in a variety of materials from $39.99 to $67.57 in plastics.

      My understanding of the design is that you would buy one to commemorate the birthday of each of your family members, and hang it on the tree as a commemorative bauble, following is a quote from Jeff when he first shared the design concept.

      My son recently turned 2 yrs old, so i’ll be getting one for him this christmas, and we have a new one on the way, but that one wont be here till after this christmas, but thats what sparked the idea for this design.



  2. jeff

    nicely done Spinfaces! love the pics chosen for naughty & nice

    and thanks Duann.

  3. Dizingof

    Spinfaces Bathroom Santa! was a sure winner for me , no doubt.

    Congrats !


  4. michael milano

    Thank you for the comments, and thank you Duann and Shapeways! that is great news and I am so excited. I will keep my eye out for your upcoming contests.

  5. T. Shawn Johnson

    Hey, here’s a four point comment for everyone :)

    First point:

    These are great winners, each and every one. They are all quality pieces and well worthy of the Christmas Co-creator winning circle! I laughed out loud when I saw that santa :)

    Second point:

    When I saw the block ornament, I totaly “got it”. Part of Christmas is toys. Part of Christmas is ornaments. Part of Christmas is remembering special moments and people.

    Third Point:

    I think it’s pretty petty to centre that piece out, especially since it makes sense. That Anonymous must be upset they didn’t win themselves… or drunk. lol

    Fourth Point:

    I totally think this Shapeways contest was managed very well, and I’m very happy to celebrate the winners!

    However, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a raised eyebrow or two in the *past* about contests. I think it should be really important to Shapeways to be super clear about a contest’s objectives and its do’s and don’t's.

    We invest a lot of time and personal energy creating for contests. If we start on a project with one understanding of what that contest entails, and then find out later that the contest parameters have changed or have been interpreted unusually, then we lose faith in the process. And over all it makes it harder to be motivated to enter future contests.

    I certainly don’t want to discount the quality of anyone’s work. Shapeways always chooses talented winners. It’s just frustrating when you aim towards an ideal, only to see another person win who didn’t have the same ideal, even though they have a super product.

    I guess my advice is not to worry about this or apologize for it, because we definately appreciate your hard work and love the fact that you have exciting contests. But instead move forward and be clearer with the rules in the future.

    Hope this post is useful :)


  6. duann scott

    Thanks for the comments Whystler,

    We will be sure to keep them in mind for upcoming contests and try and give you more detail of what we are looking for in contest entrants.

    A big thanks to all who entered….


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