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How To Make a Gallery of Your Favorites

Ever wanted to point a friend to a showcase of some of the coolest designs on Shapeways but you didn’t want to send them 12 separate URL’s? Or make a gallery of the 10 best puzzles from Shapeways to put on your Facebook wall?  Or an easy way to send a page of a few of your own designs to a retailer? Or just provide a list of cool things to your loved ones so they will know exactly what to buy you for xmas from Shapeways?

Now you can now easily share your Shapeways favorites.


To share your favorites simply:

1. Go to My Designs
2. Click on Favorites visible to others (under My Favorites)
3. Edit name of list
4. Click on save icon
5. Click on link (name of list) to go to the URL

Once you have made your gallery you can then share the URL on Twitter, Facebook etc. etc.

Others will also have the option of seeing your favorites from your profile page, here’s my current favorites.  Share yours here too, perhaps we will feature some of your favorites on the Shapeways blog in the near future too.

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