Our New Winter Colors

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We’ve just replaced our Summer Colors White Strong & Flexible with a new selection: the Winter Colors. They are Winter Blue, Winter Green and Winter Red. They are slightly darker and warmer variations of the Summer Colors and are more suited for for example Christmas designs.

In addition we have one extra color which will ONLY be available during the month of October: Halloween Orange.

These colors have a start up cost of $4 and cost an additional $1.99 per cubic centimeter (prices excluding VAT). We will offer these colors until the end of December.

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  1. WildRoo

    Orange really needs to be more then one month; it can take that long to plan on what to make with it!

    1. Gomeck

      Definitely! I don’t know why shapeways temporarily limit the special colours *anyway*. 🙁 (summer green for example, but the others also)
      Is there a reasonable reason for this?

    2. WildRoo

      I can understand having some seasonal colors but keep them around for at least three months for EACH color. As is, I might make something by the end of October to get printed in Orange. (Hey, orange is a Thanksgiving color too!)

      I think a base red, Green, and Blue permanently would be a good idea.

    3. Bart

      Yes, I agree. Halloween Orange is not available long enough..

    4. Bart

      Each color is essentially a dye bath that we need to maintain and keep heated during the day. At our current number of orders, this is a reasonable number of colors for us to offer. If the orders increase, we’ll be able to offer more colors.

      But yes, we DO understand that it would be good to keep the colors for a longer period of time..


  2. Jan Boon

    Is it possible to provide us with the respective RGB values of these S&F colors as they would be in full color sandstone, in case we want to make a multi-part item that combines parts in these S&F colors with parts in the full color sandstone material?

    1. Bart Veldhuizen

      Interesting question 🙂 I’ll ask!


    2. Jan Boon

      Any more information on this yet? =)

    3. Bart Veldhuizen

      Oops! I had forgotten to ask. I’m on it, sir! 🙂

    4. Bart Veldhuizen

      Hah, the answer came within minutes: we don’t believe we can match the color quality of the dyed objects with Full Color Sandstone, so we don’t recommend this approach.


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