A new service

Welcome dear user,

After lots of research and development we are proud that we can offer to you a new service, which will allow you to bring your creativity to life in 3D!

Using a technique called rapid manufacturing or direct digital manufacturing we can offer to you the posibility to bring your digital models to life. The way it works is that you can upload a digital model in collada of x3d format, have a look whether it is indeed possible to manufacture it and then you can use the order button to order it and have it custom manufactured for you!

For now the material used to produce your model is ABS plastic, but in the near future we will add other materials, based on popular request and feasability.

As our service is brand new, so we are really eager to get your feedback, what you like and what we can improve upon. Join us in on the forum to share your ideas.

Hope you like it!

Kind regards,

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