100 Percent Winner, the Mama Seat by Jacky Spencer

Congratulations to Jacky Spencer with her Mama Seat is winner of the Despoke & Shapeways 100% Design Contest.

All of the finalists for the contest were 3D printed and have been on display for the last few days at 100% Design in London. After much deliberation Mark Westall from Despoke made the tough decision to choose a winner from such great entrants.

Congratulations again to Jacky and don’t forget to enter the Christmas Co-Creator Contest currently being held…


    1. Dizingof

      Best on the picture on the previous 100% blog post you can see its a scaled down model,
      3D printed in Magenta Strong & Flexible.

      I assume a large “child size” model will use some other industrial material suited for the job and kids-safe, should the designer take it to the “retail phase”.

    2. Dizingof

      [edit] Should read: *Based* on the picture from…

  1. zim zam

    I also don’t get it. What’s this thing all about? How (and why) would this thing ever be 3D printed? Forget prototyping even. This just plain looks silly and uncomfortable.

  2. Rob Parthoens

    Is there a full ranking? Or just one winner?

    1. Duann

      Hi Rob,

      One winner, although there were a few inquiries from buyers for the other finalists on display, including for direct sales, retail buyers and a few magazines looking for more info :)

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