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Lab Craft: Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft

Curated by Max Fraser in partnership with the Crafts Council, Lab Craft: Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft will look at the use of technology as an extension to the capabilities of the human hand at Tent London as part of the London Design Festival

Lab Craft will challenge the relationship between the hand and machine in contemporary craft. It will focus on tangible outcomes through the examination of new practice, while exploring the impact of technology within craft practice and will feature the work of 26 designers including Tord Boontje and Michael Eden.


This exploration of the tensions between craft and digital design is something that is also being discussed at Design and Craft : a History of Convergences and Divergences to be held in Brussels on the 20-22nd of September, 2010, immediately prior to the London Design Festival.

I would love to know your take on the term ‘Craft’ in relation to digitally fabricated items? 

Is it it still craft if the makers hand does not touch the raw material, tool or even the end product?

How do you see your role? as a digital maker? Digital craftsperson? Designer? Cad Monkey? Experimental Artist? CG Artist?

Images from top to bottom from Lynne MacLachlan, Assa Ashuach, Michael Eden, Justin Marshall and Liam Hopkins.

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