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Shop Feature Request: Limit purchase to selected customers.

We have had quite a few requests to find a way to share a design with specific people without making the design public.  In the last round of website updates this is now possible with a hidden model view state. It is relatively easy to do and means that you can sell the object to a customer whom with you share a private URL that includes a security code to access but still allows you to include (and conceal) your mark-up.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Upload your file as per usual
  2. Set Model availability to Available to All
  3. From the Model view state drop down box select Hidden
  4. Save Changes
  5. Reload the page
  6. Copy the new URL from the browser that now includes a security key
  7. send URL to client

Let us know if this is something that is useful to you or if there are any other functions that might be included?

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