Friday again and more first-rate items FFFFound in the It Arrived! forum.  If you would like to be included in next weeks make sure you post clear images to the It Arrived! forum.


crsdfr did a tweak on an original design by Bathsheba to illuminate the geometric pattering.

PadFoot is a stand for the iPad by Michiel Cornelissen

Caricature Dalek by DrJekyll


The Ultimate Desk Toy by TerraCotta

The Vanity Cube by Oskar van Deventer realizing the freakish video previously featured on the Shapeways blog.

Jettuh brought us the latest iteration of the SGM/Sprinter.

And amb22 shared a gallery of painted figurines.


  1. Mitchell Jetten

    Great Post!

    Duann,, could you change the name from VIRM to SGM/Sprinter? the VIRM in the topic is the doubledeck train! :$

    1. Duann

      Here in Australia, in Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia.
      There is a problem with increased population density and the strain it puts on the transportation infrastructure. The roads are clogged with cars, many of which are now large 4WD SUV type monsters, cyclists are prey to injury/death from drivers who do not believe the bicycle has a right to be on the road.

      In the late 1980′s the government decided that instead of putting more trains on the tracks to deal with the number of commuters, they would instead build doubledeck trains to transport more passengers at the same time. Let’s call it the VIRM.
      Great Idea.
      So, they invested 30 million dollars in a new fleet of doubledeck trains, oiled them up, put them on the tracks and were ready to go.
      On the maiden voyage, with politicians and press in place the train left the station in the outskirts of Melbourne and happily made it’s way along the tracks to the cheers and adulation of all, until, it came across the first tunnel, which was made for a single deck train (SGM/Sprinter), at which point the journey ended.

      Sorry Mitchell, I changed the names

    2. Mitchell Jetten

      hahahaha lol!

      good story Duann :D

      thanx for changing!

  2. Anonymous

    whoops! looks like the “toy” in “ultimate desk toy” didn’t make the link there.

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