DIY Laser Sintering

Not much information here other than with a 250mW laser, a kg of plastic powder and 50ml of thermo-gel, Replaser has managed to laser sinter some basic polymer forms in a kinda 2.5D printing (not quite 3D) that are really quite strong. 

Check out the pull test at 5:40 and the comparison of how brittle the material is with and without the thermo-gel. 

Not as poetic as the Inkjet Printer to 3D Printer Hack but still very impressive.


  1. Dizingof

    Very cool.

    It wont be long before we see someone takes it further… assemble a blue hacked laser on a $50 X-Y CNC with an Arduino controller hooked to a laptop and taking orders :-D

  2. TimberWolf

    I am just wondering, let’s say we have an ultra-bright LED panel and a way to focus the light down to a point, would it work too? Or is a laser required?

    1. Dizingof

      Cold LED light no matter how concentrated wont do it.
      Laser (even hacked DVD drive burner) can reach a temperature enough to sinter powdered plastic plus it’s beam is so thin .. perfect for the job.

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