Fabulous Friday

Our regular Friday post to show some of what the Shapeways community have shared this past week in the It Arrived! forum. Please keep on posting your pictures and if anyone has any other superlatives that start with ‘F’ (keep it clean) to name the Friday post please do share.



Realbot robot by MrAckoy looking very impressive for his very first 3D print with a photo so clean I would have thought it was a render.

Eve by Virtox is elegantly showing of the new Bronze Glossy material is available here: I want Eve!

Charging Dock for the iPhone 4 by Dizingof being a perfect example of combining two 3D printed materials to make a really aesthetically impressive design.


Scoubidou (not Scoobydoo) from the Magic Shop

Karmabomb enlisted the help of a photographer to take some great shots of the Humerus in a variety of materials including gnarly ABS…

Gumball continues to impress as a serial Shapeways buyer with a massive collection of 3D printed die.

Keeping things cubic is the Framed Cube by twisty puzzle provocateur Oskar van Deventer.

Action N with an Art Deco Buddha showing the eastern influence on western art & design circa 1920 with geometric simplicity.

Making the most of the summer colors (available till September 30) and WSF is the handy ball point pen from the Smile shop..

Thanks to all who posted their designs in the It Arrived! forum.


  1. Maartje Vijn

    I really enjoy these Blog post!

  2. Mark Rakocy

    Thanks for including my RealBot design in this post (and for the compliment on the photo)! So cool to see what other people are doing with Shapeways.

  3. Glenn Slingsby

    Nice to see the dual material design. I was recently thinking of this for some of my jewellery…


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