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Friday Finds

Another week of fantastic finds in the It Arrived! forum made all the more harder to collate due to the number of high quality designs posted and the Show Your Collection thread started by Jettuh.

Road Trooper by Rbot, beautiful in it’s raw, 3D printed state prior to hand finishing.



Starfish Pendant by Michaellla


Gumball’s collection of Dice and rings purchased from Shapeways.

Lensman’s Breastplate


The well packaged CBot-01 by improbablecog


A sweet birthday gift from Noodles.


And for our Functional Friday Finds we have a 3D printed part for an old Polaroid camera to accept modern film (more info here).


Structures for ambisonic microphones by umashankar.


The Canvas Wrap for iPad as seen on every cool design blog over the last week, congratulations Jbare


Steering away from the functional and on to the Fantasy Friday is the Centaur by chaitanyak

 Little LED lamps by Whystler

 The Triangle Ring by roofoo

And some of the Show Your Collection thread…..

If your model was not included this week please keep on posting, it is tough to choose between so many good designs and preference is given to clear photographs.

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