Wrap your iPad with 3D Printed Style

Jbare Design have come up with a winner with their latest iteration of the Canvas Wrap for the iPad.



With hints of classic Japanese wooden screens and the beautiful geometries of Islamic architecture Jeff has created a timeless design for the latest gadget.  Available to purchase in a nice variety of 3D printed materials or you can customize your own design..



The Canvas Wrap for the iPad seems to have a very nice, snug fit to the corners wit fins on the back in each corner lift the iPad off the surface you sit it on, giving you a wobble free base.




  1. duann scott

    Thanks Jeff.

    I just updated it to include the video, really impressive tight fit..

  2. David Harty

    Great design! Also wanted to say congrats on your mention in Popular Science Magazine!

    1. jeff bare

      mention in popular science magazine? who what where? i hope that’s true, but i never heard about that.

  3. Studio Delta Wave

    Wrap your iPad with 3D Printed Styleこれは完成度高いですね。保護する箇所も最低限で、家で使う分には十分な気がします。shapewaysは3Dデータのシェアシステ…

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