Last Days for Combinatory Manufacturing.

Monday the 30th of August (not the 16th, sorry) is your last chance 2 weeks to order models with free included earrings or necklaces (or ‘Combinatory Manufacturing’ as we call it). You’ll find more info on this on the Shapeways Blog.  Shapeways ran the option as a test to see it’s popularity to offer silver plated earring hooks to the produced earrings and a rubber necklace of 60 cm long with a simple bayonet lock to any hanger.  Be sure to let us know if this is something you are interested in keeping as an option?

Thanks Stijn


  1. Jeff Coleman

    Definitely! I was away for most of the time it was available, so I am still hoping to squeeze in a few orders and I didn’t really have time to promote this properly to my customers, but I hated the idea of sending out hookless earrings when people ordered them, when the time it would take to clip one on would be literally a few seconds were I only able to touch the package once en route.

  2. Steve Marshall

    I think this should definately be kept available! It really opens up 3D printed designs to the public, and and interesting new option, and you guys have made the packaging look fantastic!
    It’s really helpful to designers too, because we don’t have to worry about how out earrings or necklaces will be attached. We know what we need to design around, so we can be sure it will work.

  3. Virtox

    Oh wow.. I thought the last order date would be around August 30th..
    But I sure hope it’s here to stay ! (for a subtle fee of course)
    It is THE finishing touch for a lot of parts!


    1. Stijn van der Linden

      You sent a message through meetup:
      Shapeways has a Meetup in two weeks!
      What: Last order date for Combinatory Manufacturing
      When: Monday, August 30, 2010 7:00 AM
      Where: Shapeways Website

    2. Duann

      ok, that is somewhat embarrassing, I saw the Meetup reminder and thought it was for today.

      so, sorry, but if anyone has not joined up yet,

      to keep up to date and get reminders (2 weeks in advance) of any promotions Shapeways have and meet up with other Shapeways users in your area.

      Thanks Stijn, sorry everyone..

  4. Michael Williams

    Booo, I want to see this continued. With shop personalized header cards.

  5. Michiel Cornelissen

    Yes – great to have, would be great if it can continue. I do have to say I didn’t like the necklace that much; something like that could be nice, but it seemed a bit ‘shapeless’, not hanging nicely, especially if the pendant is light.

    But the earrings: great, hope to be able to make some more orders before the offer goes away.

  6. Erica Schwartz

    i think it was great. i didn’t really take advantage of it because i already have all those supplies at home that i put on before i sell the stuff. but without those ear hooks it’s difficult to sell a pair of earrings through shapeways to anyone but another designer (of course the exception is the built-in hooks but i’ve tried them and they hurt my ears… if they become open source i will tweak and re-print for sure). i’d actually like to see ear nuts added for post earrings… i have been successfully able to print the posts at 0.8mm which fits a standard nut.

  7. Glenn Slingsby

    Absolutely, I want you to keep it. Just today I got a request from someone and she wanted to know if it would come with the “black necklace”


  8. Summer Powell

    It seems like a great idea. I didn’t see the option to have them included when I was checking out just now. But it would be one less step for the designer/seller.


  9. Anders Iversen

    Yes please ! Keep this option with hooks and necklaces :)

  10. GilliesGifts

    What is the status of this feature?
    Have you decided to add this as a permanent feature?
    If so, what is the anticipated roll out data?
    Is it up and running? If so, how do I use it?

    I think this is a great Idea, I really need it for the things I am planning.


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