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Fantastic Friday Finds

So many amazing designs coming in every week to the ‘It Arrived!’ forum and following are a few of the impressively diverse objects of such thoroughly considered, and excellently realized designs. 

Nervous System’s and the reaction lamp 7″ diameter pendant lamp.

Hopefully you will be able to see it in the flesh at their stand at 100% Design in London.

Sharky by Noodle-Labs following on from the ultra cute Crocodile Clip.

Pix Pics by Wondrous Widgets lets you Personalize your very own Guitar Pick.

Chris Hardy’s ‘Re-loved’ Cesca Chair will be exhibited at the prestigious Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as part of the Re-loved exhibition.

Fusillade, Doubletime and Turbo Rifle by Drawn-Steel Hero. Celebrating the exploded view.

Another scale model masterpiece by Jettuh.

An interesting architectural visualisation of a Water Powerplant by Almar Joling.

And a mind bending twisty puzzle called the Anisotropic Cube by Oskar van Deventer.

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