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Shapeways Material Sample Pack

Introducing the Shapeways Materials Sample Kit. Finally you can have a sample of each of the materials Shapeways offers in your hands to touch, scratch, bend and burn (do not inhale).  The prefect way to chose the right material for your next 3D printed application, also a great tool to take to client meetings or trade shows to show potential clients the material range you can offer your/their designs in?  Send it as a gift to a maker friend and see how quickly they too become addicted to realizing their designs…. Buy it now for $30 (but includes a $25 voucher)……

This sample kit includes the following items:

1) Samples of the following materials:
– Full Color Sandstone
– Grey Robust
– Transparent Detail
– White Detail
– Black Detail
– Alumide
– White Strong and Flexible
– Stainless Steel

2) The Shapeways Materials Booklet providing a clear overview of the main material properties
3) A discount coupon of $25 for your next order

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