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Hi all,

To proceed with our effort to make our packaging more beautiful every time, as of today, we have introduced a new packaging for all Gold Plated products (Glossy and Matt).

It’s a nice black velvet bag you can also save the product in if your are not using it.

Gold was already one of our high end materials and we wanted to support that with this new packaging.

We hope you like it so please feel free to let us know once you have received your first package.


  1. Dizingof

    Beautiful !

    Could we have a Hi-Res pic of the velvet bag alone ? It would be a good idea to add it to our models pages to show the customer how his/her order will be packaged.


  2. Peter Paul Cornelissen

    If you let me know what / how you want it I can arrange that.
    I can imaging it shows nice on your model detail page so just let me know

    Peter Paul

    1. Dizingof

      Just a simple hi-res picture of the bag. nothing more.

      You can add a link to it here on this blog so every one can download it.

  3. Stony Smith

    Want a real challenge? Generate the previews with the bag under it

    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      Well we like the challenge, but why don’t you help us out a little with that? The render scene we use for our previews is made with Blender and made available in a previous blog post ! ;-)

  4. Jed Laurance

    What are the chances of this becoming available for other materials besides gold? It would be really nice if shop owners could specify which type of packaging their products came in.
    In any case, this is really cool, and a big step forward in presentation. You guys are consistently awesome.

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