New Simplicity Exhibition: Featuring Rapid Prototyped Products

Key set

New Simplicity showcased the work of both established and emerging international product designers, presenting classic simple design, with many of the new objects produced using Rapid Manufacturing technologies. New Simplicity ran in London until 8 August. Lets hope it tours….

Pictured above is the Key set by Oscar Diaz (check out his version of the lightpoem), The design allows keys to be clipped together (kinda like the Split Ring Key), stored with existing keys on a key ring or attached directly to accessories such as wristbands when performing activities.

Clamp-able lamp

Also 3D printed in the exhibition is the Clamp-able lamp by Jon Harrison looking like a (good looking)  cross between a garden hose fixing and an Ikea lamp.

Self-assembly torch

The ‘self assembly torch’ by industrial designer Alex Hulme is a one piece torch which can be assembled
with an LED, batteries and one pence. the moulding is made possible via rapid manufacturing process.

The designers in the show are: Alex Hulme, David Sutton, Industrial Facility (Sam Hecht and Kim Colin), Jasper Morrison, Jochem Faudet, Jon Harrison, Luka Stepan, Mathias Hahn, Min-Kyu Choi, Oscar Diaz and Thomas Wagner. The exhibition is curated by design critic and curator Nuno Coelho. 

I am sure in the next exhibition of it’s kind we are bound to see the Shapeways community representing…

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  1. Alex Berkowitz

    I’d love keys like that. I’ve always thought printing keys would prove useful (because you could customize the end of the key to suit your needs) but it always seemed that 3d printing wasnt detailed enough. after getting some steel object printed maybe I’ll give it a shot for fun. I’d love some custom car keys or whatnot.

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