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Draw Your Own Earrings Sweepstakes Winners.

And the winner is……………………………………..

With the Draw Your Own Earrings Sweepstakes EVERYONE is a winner, but some people won a little more than others.

Especially Neda Hajnomeni who will get their design 3D printed in Silver, along with a $100 Shapeways making voucher.

Congratulations Neda who was picked at random with a really lovely, simple asymmetrical design..

Of course anyone can now purchase the earrings in their choice of materials from the Shapeways Earring Gallery for as little as $7.50. And you can still Draw your own earrings at any time.

All runners up will now be notified via email to claim their prize, be it Gold Plated, Dyed Strong and Flexible, Alumide or a 20% discount on purchasing their own earring design.

We also just launched the Draw your own ring available from just $6.00. So if you, your friends or family are interested in designing your own jewelry but do not know how to use 3D software, this is the perfect way to start.

The winners of the Gold Plated earrings are:

Heap GoodsDoiDoi

Cryptonomic System


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