Bike Mounted Bottle Opener

So you are riding on your bicycle and you need to bust the cap off of your beverage but you don’t have access to a bottle opener? A regular dilemma now solved with the Road Popper by Chromoly for only $40.

Fitting securely onto a conventional bike saddle the Road Popper fastens discreetly to the rails on the underside of the saddle to help keep your bike looking crisp..

It’s great to see designs on Shapeways that connect and/or interact with existing products, especially when they are so well designed and presented like the Road Popper.  I see this as a perfect Christmas present for any cycling enthusiast (okay maybe not the lycra wearing kind) and it would be perfect if it could be personalised with a name or logo..

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  1. Mitchell Jetten

    i have a lighter wich opens my heineken beer!

    1. Duann

      So you can smoke, drink & ride your bike all at the same time?

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    no its systemmatic:

    when your riding your bike,, get your beer,,, get your lighter,, open the beer,,, and drink,,, bottle empty? throw it away, and enjoy your sigarette after the drinking!

  3. Tommy Strömgren

    I’m HOPING that this will not be used while still sitting on the sadle.
    ‘Cause that would lead to a few problems;
    1: Bottlecaps strewn along the same path that you usually ride your bike.. bad for the tires.

    2: Sticking a bottle “up your bum” while riding a bike is not only unsafe but it might also look a bit… odd..

    Nice design though! :-D

    1. duann scott

      Heya Tommy,

      The second problem may solve the first?


  4. william Llewellyn

    You guys still have bottle tops that aren’t screw tops ? Seriously, you still have to have bottle openers for your drinks ??? Do you also have wind up phones with cords you have to plug in ?? Golly, what country are you lot in….its 2011 !!!

    1. spanio12

      Good beer still comes without screw tops. The screw tops are more prone to allow air into the bottle so many companies that make high quality beer refrain from using screw tops. You obviously do not drink beer, so please stop talking about it.

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