It’s Arrived

Cue Frankenstein type music inclusive of thunder, lightning and cackling laughter….

Following are a few of the latest images to show up in the “It Arrived” forum. It is a fantastic example of the diversity of designs being realized by the Shapeways community and may inspire others to purchase or produce…  If popular we might make this a regular Friday blog post so submit yours too… Click images for info & links…

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  1. T. Shawn Johnson

    It’s nice to see these here. I was really impressed with the schtuff shown in the last week or so. Maybe this would make a nice weekly blog post? I’d look forward to that.


  2. Mitchell Jetten

    i say,,, next week too :D

  3. Duann

    Ok, deal, you guys keep posting your latest on the forums and I will make it a regular blog post.

  4. Robert Carlsen

    A weekly thing would be great. If you included descriptions and links, that would help with promotion.

    1. duann scott

      The images are hot links but will include some more descriptions next week.

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