Contest: Design your own electric guitar

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Zoybar is an open R&D Lab for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create music instruments and applications. It’s an ‘Open Hardware’ platform that offers production (CAD) files for instrument parts, and you can order certain key elements on their website as well (read more about Zoybar).

We’re working with Zoybar and Blenderart Magazine (the leading Blender PDF magazine) on an exciting new contest: Design original hardware features that can be incorporated with the Zoybar instruments and that can be 3D printed with Shapeways.

A platform for Open Hardware, working together with Open Software and an Open Production platform – how cool is that? Read on for contest details.
The Challenge

Design original hardware features that can be incorporated with the Zoybar instruments and enter a contest to win your creation. Design in Blender.

How does it work?

Zoybar offers a number of CAD files that you can base your work on. Download them and design your new instrument. Upload your design to Zoybar to participate in the contest (tip: upload to Shapeways too, to test the printability of your design. Tag with ‘zoybar’ please).

Check out this diagram to learn how to participate and for all the relevant links.

TimelineThe competition will start on August 05, however submissions will not be revealed before August 22 and will continue until September 20, 2010.The competition will end on October 05, 2010.

The prizes

Function category prize (Open to all): A Full Zoybar Guitar or Bass Hardware kit provided by Zoybar, plus 3D print of the winning design entry in the amount of $200 (USD) provided by Shapeways. Total Value: $870 (USD)

Fantasy category prize: (Exclusive for Blender users only) A Full Zoybar Guitar or Bass Hardware kit. Valued: $670 (USD) provided by Zoybar.

The winners will be announced in Blenderart Magazine’s 30th issue and on the Shapeways blog.


  1. Dennis

    Yuck, are there really people who play on guitars like that? D:

    1. Anonymous

      well, custom made so I guess at least one.

  2. Shapeways Blog

    Shapeways is currently involved in a few contests ending soon so it may be a good time for a quick recap to remind you of the prizes, deliverables and deadlines.The 2010 Shapeways Despoke & 100% Design Contest closes 1st of September 12:00 CET.  Fin

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