The 2010 Shapeways & Despoke: 100% Design Contest

To mark the 2010 100% Design in London, Shapeways has teamed up with Despoke to celebrate Contemporary Design through 3D Printing.  
Finalists in The 2010 Shapeways Despoke 100% Design Contest will get their design 3D printed by Shapeways and get invaluable exposure on the Despoke & 100% Design London websites and the winner will receive 3D Printing coupons to the value of $100.

To enter, upload your design to Shapeways and add the tag 100% 100Percent
to it. You can submit designs to the contest until Wednesday the 1st of
September 12:00 CET. The finalists will be chosen by the Despoke Team
and their model will be 3Dprinted and documented to be posted on the
Despoke & 100% Design London websites.
The winner will be chosen on inspection of the final 3D printed models.
The winner will receive $100 in free 3D printing from Shapeways!

Despoke is the new design blog powered by 100% Design , bringing
together a bespoke collection of the best designers, materials science
and emerging talent. Despoke is materials, technology, form and function – a host of ideas
and a network of connections from the UK’s largest design show and

100% Design is the UK’s leading design & architecture event. 100% Design London is about the best of contemporary interior design.  100% Design London features world-class interiors show 100% Design, architectural and interior materials exhibition 100% Materials and emerging talent showcase 100% Futures.

To enter:

  • Upload your model to Shapeways with the tag “100%” ’100percent’ before the 1st of September 2010,
  • Your entry must have a cost of between $50- up to $100 to print excluding mark-up and VAT,
  • Upload a full color render as preview

Terms and Conditions:

  • Free prize draw, closing date 1st of September 12:00 CET 2010.
  • Winner will receive $100 in Shapeways vouchers. The top 5 finalists will receive a 3D print of their competition entry.
  • The winner and runners up will be notified in writing by 20th September 2010.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • No cash or other alternative prizes available.
  • The prize draw is not open to Shapeways & 100% Design employees or their families.
  • The promoters decision is final – in case of dispute, no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winning entries will be documented by Shapeways and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Winners retain all IP as per Shapeways standard terms and conditions
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition. Promoter: Shapeways, High Tech Campus 27, Eindhoven 5656 AE, The Netherlands.

Visit the Contest Page for more details

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  1. Anonymous

    If a finalist has already ordered a copy of their design from Shapeways, would you consider rolling the cost of the design print into a coupon amount instead of sending them a print of their design? This would encourage entrants to print their design before the competition to test it and provide real pictures.

    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      Good question – I see us having no problems in doing so if that was indeed the case.
      So if you win and have ordered before to test, you get a coupon instead.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Duann

    Hey all,

    I have just made a minor change to the terms so the cost of 3D Print is *up to $100*, not:
    between $50-$100 to print excluding mark-up and VAT,

    I hope this opens it up to more entries…



  3. T. Shawn Johnson

    Hey hey,

    I’m noticing that the search term “100%” is not working. I put this on a few items yesterday and they didn’t show up when I searched for it. In fact nothing did. I thought, maybe there is just a lag, so I typed in the search term 100% again today… nothing came up.

    Then, I tried just 100, without the percent sign and I got quite a number of designs including the designs I keyworded with 100%. Some of them were meant for the contest and others just came up as a result of having 100 in them somewhere.

    So maybe another search term would be better? It seems that the character % is not being recognised.


    1. Duann

      Perhaps we should make it “100percent”


    2. T. Shawn Johnson

      Sounds great. I’ll change mine.


  4. T. Shawn Johnson

    Hey again :)

    re: “up to $100 instead of $50-100″

    Awww …. I found that a really nice challenge. I usually try to design for under $30. It was really freeing to be forced to make an item with larger volume. Oh well, I was able to add some of the items I already had in my catalogue as a result :) But I do find that an artist is more challenged towards excellence when faced with restrictions.


    1. Duann

      Ok Whystler, yours have to be between $50 and $100 ;)

    1. Duann

      Hi Philippe

      Any material you like.

      Of course it can be a scale model, does not have to be the finished product…


  5. fx2

    Just to be sure: Can items which are public but “not for sale” because they don’t have been tested by the designer participate to the contest ?

  6. Jukinha

    100% Design exposition it’s an amazing event that connects the worlds of architecture and design with innovative, contemporary interior products.
    Don’t miss this big event, where Boca do Lobo will be present, a brand, that I’m a fan. It’s a brand that fuses old world handcrafting with modern age aesthetics to produce artistic pieces of furniture. Wherever you put Boca Do Lobo’s pieces, they should elevate the room’s decor.

    1. Duann

      They do some pretty wild furniture,

      We will have to look them up while we are there,

      Thanks for the tip

  7. Tattiana Romena

    100% is an excelent fair, a brand that I love is going to be there also. it’s called MyFace and it’s surfaces will give a new face to your furniture.

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