Groupie would love to introduce herself..

Hi There!

As one of the biggest groupies but also one of the first members of the Shapeways team I would love to introduce myself. I’m the youngest and till a couple of months ago the only female member of the Shapeways team. (yeah, I’m not the only girl anymore.. because all of our finances are now arranged by Marleen ;)

Well where shall I start. Perhaps with my name: I’m Michelle, I’m 22 and I was a member of the Shapeways team for long time before you had ever heard about it. The name Shapeways wasn’t even there when I joined.

I just got my marketing and communications degree. And as you can imagine: I did my internship at Shapeways.  In December 2007 we started to think about a name and how we could bring this wonderful idea to you. During my internship I developed a passion for global sharing. I also have a fascination with all the new technical possibilities such as all the different printable materials. Initially the whole web 2.0 culture was relatively new to me. From the first moment I was really interested in everything that’s possible nowadays because of social networking and web 2.0.  As for the rest I love life, I love electronic dance music, alternative art and photography, I like good movies and snowboarding. 

So and what do I do at Shapeways? Well sorry guys.. I can’t tell you that..yet. But I will.. later. In a month or two. ;)

For now.. just keep on shaping, so we can keep shipping.

And share the love :D


  1. ArtIsLight

    Nice to meet you, Michelle! Glad you are on the Shapeways team. Thanks for introducing yourself. ;)

    Now, where was I? Rendering and trying to get my model ready for the 3D printing design contest…

    God bless,

    The best is yet to come,

    Benjamin Bailey

  2. Twansparant

    Hi Michelle,
    Nice to meet you ;-) , I just signed up at Shapeways and I’m checking all the possibilities here.
    It looks very promissing I must say, but I can’t seem to find any information about prices etc…
    Maybe you could help me out? Thanx!

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