Groupie would love to introduce herself..

Hi There!

As one of the biggest groupies but also one of the first members of the Shapeways team I would love to introduce myself. I’m the youngest and till a couple of months ago the only female member of the Shapeways team. (yeah, I’m not the only girl anymore.. because all of our finances are now arranged by Marleen πŸ˜‰

Well where shall I start. Perhaps with my name: I’m Michelle, I’m 22 and I was a member of the Shapeways team for long time before you had ever heard about it. The name Shapeways wasn’t even there when I joined.

I just got my marketing and communications degree. And as you can imagine: I did my internship at Shapeways.  In December 2007 we started to think about a name and how we could bring this wonderful idea to you. During my internship I developed a passion for global sharing. I also have a fascination with all the new technical possibilities such as all the different printable materials. Initially the whole web 2.0 culture was relatively new to me. From the first moment I was really interested in everything that’s possible nowadays because of social networking and web 2.0.  As for the rest I love life, I love electronic dance music, alternative art and photography, I like good movies and snowboarding. 

So and what do I do at Shapeways? Well sorry guys.. I can’t tell you that..yet. But I will.. later. In a month or two. πŸ˜‰

For now.. just keep on shaping, so we can keep shipping.

And share the love πŸ˜€

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