Understanding Industrial Design

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One Designer, Two Designer, is a quirky animated short film made in Australia in 1978 that explores the importance of good design and the pitfalls of impractical design through a slightly cynical view of mass produced goods. Think of it as a late 70’s version of Objectified, but shorter, and without the interviews.

As lightly as it approaches the subjects, these are important
discussions about the role of the designer and the fact that good
design is about the function of a product before all

Luckily, in 1967 the Industrial Design Council of Australia also made a training video for potential Industrial Designers, so that they would know how to prepare themselves for the life of a designer, how little things have changed.

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  1. Glenn Slingsby

    Yes, quirky would be one word to describe it!… Fun stuff.

  2. Andy

    Blimey, that second video could well scare potential designers into thinking they have to know *everything*! :p Still, there’s a certain amount of truth in that, I suppose.

    Thanks for the links, Duann!

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