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Christmas Co-Creator Contest: 2010

After the great success of last years Co-Create Christmas Contest we have to decided to launch it a little earlier this year so you will have more of an opportunity to order and sell your designs once the contest is over.

Once again we are looking for new designs that embrace co-creation by allowing consumers to personalize the design whether for themselves, or as a gift for others. Take a look at the Christmas Page to see some of the creative Christmas designs the Shapeways community have already produced. 

To enter you need to upload a New Co-Creator with the tag: ‘Xmas2010’ and add your model to the Christmas gallery.

Shapeways will also be adding ‘Christmas Colours’ to the Dyed White
Strong Flexible range, including a Dark Green, Dark Red (Bordeaux) and
a Turquoise.  We are currently in the testing phase to ensure
consistency and once we are happy with the result we will make it available.

Prizes include:

  • Top five finalists receive a free print of their design and will be included in our Christmas promotions,
  • Winner also to receive a Shapeways Voucher for $100.

To enter:

  • Submit your New Model with the tag “Xmas2010” by the 30th of September, 2010.
  • Product must cost under $100 (excl. VAT and mark-up) and needs to be Christmas themed and a Co-Creator.
  • Winners will be notified in writing by the 11th of October, 2010.

Visit the contest page for more info.

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