1. Tom van der Zanden

    Excuse me for being grumpy, but what makes this more worthy of a blog post than any other twisty puzzle? Not that it’s not a nice puzzle, but this one isn’t especially innovative (in fact, there are quite a few hand-built ones out there).

  2. Duann

    Hi Tom,

    I came across this puzzle as it was posted in the ‘It’s Arrived’ forum.

    This is a great place to expose your work as many users (and Shapeways staff) keep a very close eye on what is posted here. A rainy Saturday morning here in Australia and I saw this well presented puzzle and thought it was worth a brief mention.
    If anyone else would like to expose their designs I would recommend posting on the ‘It’s Arrived’ forum too.

    As far as promoting 3D printed twisty puzzles on the Shapeways blog.

    Perhaps someone will stumble across this blog post, their mind blown that 3D printed puzzles actually exist, they may do a search on the site and find there are a many ranging in complexity, novelty and style. After looking around they may buy one from Garrett or Oskar or possibly one of your Tetrahedral Twins.

    ‘The rising tide lifts all boats’.

  3. Mike Armbrust

    Great looking puzzle!
    However, I agree with Tom. Why is this the first twisty puzzle to get a blog entry?(I’m glad to see stuff like this but I wonder what stood out about this puzzle to you)

  4. Mike Armbrust

    I am newish to Shapeways and was thinking this was the first post 100% for one twisty puzzle.

    What I was trying to say was as a non twisty puzzle person, what made you like this puzzle enough to post about it?

    1. duann scott

      Hi Mike,

      My apologies if I came across sort with my reply.

      As someone who could only solve a Rubik’s Cube as a kid by pulling it apart/removing stickers/crying into my pillow, anything more complex than the 1x1x1 still makes my head hurt.

      I chose this twisty puzzle because it is a simple tweak on a classic design, well presented, so it looks good to a twisty outsider, and it gave me an excuse to link to one of those freaky Lego Robots….

      There are currently nearly 100 puzzles in the Shapeways Gallery on show, which is incredibly fertile and represents a significant part of the Shapeways community. We will be sure to feature more Twisty Puzzles as they arrive in the ‘It’s Arrived’ and ‘Feature This’ forums.

    2. Mike Armbrust

      Thanks. It’s allways nice to understand things from a different perspective.

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