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Awaiting the 3D Printing & DIY Musical Instrument Crossover?

We are starting to see some cool Arduino casings from the likes of I Heart Engineering and potentiometer knobs from Jarno but when will we start to see DIY musical instruments start to creep into the Shapeways shops to create Music from Outer Space?

Check out the cardboard box housing on the sewing machine synth type monstrosity above (not a Singer).  As much as I admire the ad-hoc nature of the ‘design’ I can also see how these musical tinkerers , Circuit Benders or Zoybar types could integrate 3D printed housings, bridges, buttons, resonators, machine heads, knobs, clips and casings….

There are a vast amount of lo-fi there are some semi-professional synth mods that would do well to include 3D printed components to maintain a professional finish to what can be very extensive (and expensive) modification of existing instruments.  There are also many Steampunk Synth Mods that would do wee to incorporate some of Shapeways new 3D printed stainless steel finishes.

If anyone has started or is planning a musical project using Shapeways let us know, we look forward to the cross pollination of the mathematic and musical minds.

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