Calling the Australian Shapeways Community

I am looking to find Australian Shapeways users so that we can unite to promote Shapeways products locally.  This could be something as simple as a stall at a local market or design event such as Finders Keepers, Design Made Trade or Bowerbird Bazaar?  We may even be able to organise (Australian English spelling) a chance for some of us to meet up so that we can get to know each other and get some feedback in person?

Send an email to duann(at) if you are interested?

Also if you are interested in starting your own local chapter (secret handshakes optional) let us know and we may be able to help you out with sample products, t-shirts or other assistance to help you promote yourselves and Shapeways.

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  1. Madox

    I’m interested… but do I really have to mail you? :)

    In Sydney… might get some Shapeways exposure for you soon…

    1. Duann

      no need to email now, I just got yours from your comment, so.

      Email or Comment and I will add you to the Aussie user database..


  2. Nathan Waters

    Aussie here :)

    I’ve shared this on Facebook (a lot of entrepreneurial and artsy friends).

    I also do a weekly podcast on tech, and our latest episode [ ] talked about you guys… and how the 3D printing factories will be the economic driving force behind nanotechnology, as well as the obvious reshuffling of the whole relationship between consumer and manufacturer.


  3. Eric Chan

    I’m from aussie land :D
    although I haven’t had much time lately to spend on shapeways
    would be interested to help
    I’m in Melbourne.

  4. Mark Kendrick

    Another Sydney-sider here, could probably help with something.
    I have presented a talk on RP processes before at a model railway convention, including my completely Shapeways-made model train.

    1. Madox

      :) Going to do a Waratah Train one… Just need to make sure I’m not breaking any rules by printing it first…

    2. duann scott

      Hey Madox,

      I am pretty sure you can make something for yourself with no legal ramifications as long as you do not sell it.

      I remember with the First Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide a woman was selling hand knitted jumpers (sweater) with a F1 car and ‘Adelaide Grand Prix’ and Fosters actually issued her with a cease and desist order because people may think it was official merchandise?????

      I think she just got a lot of press on ‘today tonight’ and kept doing it.

    3. Mark Kendrick

      Hi Madox,
      One of my jobs is working for Berg’s Hobbies, who produce RTR Sydney Suburban trains in HO scale, and thus I have a good handle on the manufacturing side of the hobby.
      I don’t know about the Waratahs on this, but I do know that many current corporate colour schemes on locomotives are registered/trademarked and so can’t be reproduced without permission. Railfans and model makers are usually well treated by the railway companies, so if you snailmail EDI or whoever is making the Waratahs with your intentions, they will probably give you permission to produce a limited run, and might even supply GAs you can work from.


      I have copied your ‘Industrial switching layout’ and are going to model it in OO. Do you have a train set leads introduction to it?

  5. duann scott


    Keep them coming, The more Aussies we have talking up Shapeways the better placed Shapeways is to help promote your designs..

    Anyone in New Zealand too?

  6. John

    Another one here, from Melbourne.
    A lot of car guys have been interested in my scale Falcon that i had printed, so i’m trying my best!

    1. duann scott

      and I like Christmas cards.

  7. sam dekok

    Based in Ballarat, Vic currently, but would be interested in contact from those in Melbourne and further afield…

    1. simon k

      hey there Sam Dekok… it’s been a while!

      even though you posted on here 18 months ago and I just found it

  8. John

    New to Shapeways, would love to help if I can.


  9. Justin

    Shapeways is brilliant, but to be honest your postage costs to Australia are absurdly high. Enough that most people here are instantly turned off purchases. You may deem this is out of your control…that’s irrelevant to the customer. Without fixing it you simply won’t break in.

    Sorry to be the mood flattener here…but reality is what it is.

  10. Christian Murfet

    From Burnie, Tasmania Australia here. Looking forward to being a part of something like this:) Happy to Contact anyone in Oz in regards to making movie prop and prop replica parts:)


  11. Duann

    Hey All,

    Glad to see so many Aussies interested in Shapeways.

    Take a look at Shapeways Meetup Everywhere.

    You can join an existing meetup to get together with other Shapeways fans or start your own..

    Let us know if you need any help?


    1. J

      Unfortunaltely meetup charges for the privalege of setting up a meetup group.

      I’d like one for Brisbane (Australia) though.

    2. Duann

      That is really odd, I think our account should cover the cost.

      Let me know and we wil help out is this is not the case?

    3. J

      Maybe you’re right. I just set up one for Brisbane

      I know that for new meetups you have to register and pay


  12. Barry H

    Hello Duann I’m based in Adelaide, didn’t know shapeways manufactured in OZ.


  13. jacob

    i am australian, quite new to the 3d printing world have done a couple of models more so for warhammer tho

  14. Alex H

    Melbourne based bike parking designer here!

    I’m new to Shapeways but starting to upload various 3d models and components now.

    Love to be involved in promoting Shapeways in Oz. I’ve been doing this in an informal way since I found the site!



    1. J

      Good to have you on board Alex.

      I clicked on your site and we have a bicycle storage system like that at my work.

      What kind of designs are you working on for Shapeways?


  15. Andrew Seiter

    Hey guys,

    I am Melbourne based. I am looking for a 3D modeller who could model a memorial sculpture that is being built for my niece. Presently, it is a life size horse and rider that is being constructed with amazing detail from from scrap metals.

    Any ideas?


  16. Zac

    Hey! Im a Brisbane Aus based 3d modeller and have just started using shapeways for a few jobs and was just wondering where the best place to get news, meet people, hear about whats going on is??


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