White Strong and Suuuuper Flexible.

Ok, so it’s not yet another new material.
We are exploring novel ways to use the White Strong & Flexible material. 

We started calling them digi-fabrics here at the office. The first 2 samples really feel like fabric and rubber in the way they behave. We’ll be demoing these samples at SIGGRAPH, but also wanted to share with the rest of the community not attending the event.

We have made them available as download and put them up for sale, so have fun.

fabric1, fabric2 and fabric3

And while I’m sharing things you’ll see from us at SIGGRAPH, here’s another one we’ve been getting a lot of requests for.

Little sample kit with our wide material selection. We’re still figuring out the details on how to offer it to you, but if you have comments or suggestions, let us know.

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  1. fx2

    Great ! It is possible to post a link to a bigger picture ?

    Looks like it is flat enough to be shipped worldwide in a bubble envelope via postal service. What about offering it for something like $9.99 shipping included ? Or added for free on request with any order >$100 ?

    1. Artur

      All the kits are at SIGGRAPH at the moment.
      What is it that you wanted to see in more detail?

    2. fx2

      Actually I’m interested to see a bigger view of the “wave” parts. Can they be rotated or moved ?

  2. Michael Williams

    It’d be real cool if you could get the pieces 3D scanned and offer it for free download. Also offer it for sale to those that want to hold and see it. I’m sure that would cost a bit more than $10. Also, I see you have a lot of materials on there. Why not just WSF and it’s derivatives represented by one piece, detail by another, robust by another, stainless by another, as the limitations should be shared by the derivatives. Thus cutting down the pieces and the price.

    1. Yon Hardisty


      I am an investor in a small fashion design company. I would like to sample your material for inclusion in some of our clothing designs. How might I purchase, or order, a collection of samples?

  3. duann scott

    nice, cant wait to see the digi-fabrics when they are 3D printed in color….

  4. Bettina

    Great! I have been waiting for a sample kit and would definitely buy one instead of testing all the materials on different products myself. Would be super helpful to get a feel for the different materials beforehand and i am looking forward to ordering one.

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