New Finshings: Gold Plated and Antique Bronze

As of today we have introduced 3 new finishes for our Stainless Steel material.

To complete our gold range finishes we have added Gold Plated Glossy to our already available Gold Plated Matt … and based on popular demand we have added Antique Bronze Glossy and Antique Bronze Matt

From left to right:

  1. Gold Plated Glossy
  2. Gold Plated Matt
  3. Antique Bronze Glossy
  4. Antique Bronze Matt

So to put it simple we now have Gold Plated Stainless Steel in 2 different versions.

Matt and Glossy. The main difference between the two is that the glossy version is polished one more time after plating. This give your product an extra glossy finish.

The same goes for Antique Bronze, this is also available in two versions…. Matt and Glossy.

The coloring is done with a patination process. After this process the Glossy version again will get one more polishing round to give it this very nice Glossy finish.

You can find more detailed information, including the pricing, for these materials on the material pages.

We hope you like these new finishes and that it lives up to your expectations….

These additional finishes are introduced as a test to end August 2010 to gauge interest, after which we will review to decide if we want to make them permanent materials.

I am looking forward to your feedback

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