The Shapeways Makerbot Bunny

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Shapeways has had it’s office Makerbot for a few weeks now, and after much tweaking, cursing and complaints of smell and excess noise, Hans has managed to persuade it to print the Bowie the Bunny.

The Makerbot compared to Shapeways Grey Robust (both of which use extruded ABS) is fairly good for the overall form but does not yet have the resolution for the finer details nor the reliability to ensure it will actually work every time.

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  1. Michael Williams

    When I saw the image of it by itself, I was like “that looks like crap”. Then you see it next to the gray robust, and it’s really not that off of a commercial printer.

  2. Dave Durant

    Hey now, that sounds like a challange, Duann!! :-)

    Is Bowie’s STL available somewhere? Those ears look tricky, especially on top, but I’d like to give this a shot with my makerbot…

    1. Duann

      Hi Dave, the ears were a little tricky and took a bit of ‘post production’ to clean them up.

      You would have to ask BAROBA about the STL file for Bowie the Bunny

      Is it a matter of time before we see Makerbot Knockoffs instead of Chinese Knockoffs of products at street markets and being sold to tourists in times square ???? ;)

  3. Dave Durant

    Na… That’ll never happen.. (dave buys some gold spray paint and starts churing out Dolex watches on his makerbot)..

    I’ll ping BAROBA about Bowie..


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