Hi all,

It is being discussed on the forum many times, during last times live cast is was a big topic also after Bart had signed of…..

Very high detail printing

(Check out the text on the side of the test strip below 😉 This model is from Daddy Mack)

To keep you guys updated on what we at Shapeways have done and were we are here is a short update.

We have been looking at very high detail and wax printing for quite some time now and talking to many
suppliers. Some weeks ago I visited a company that has the Envisiontec
. The materials used are RCP30 (Terracotta) and WIC100 (Green =

The XY resolution is 43 micron and the Z voxel height is 25
micron. Overall building volume is 60x45x100mm.

So much for the
tech spec’s….. let check out the results….

The potential is very high with this machine knowing and seeing what can be done with these details in both plastic and wax.

BTW, the Terracotta material is possible to plate…. this give a bit a strange difference with regards to looks and feel, but who knows how this can be useful.

They have been printing some of our models to show what is possible. I was very happy to see the end results and also to learn what and what isn’t possible with this technique.

These are the Shapeways Cufflinks

The Name Connector Ring

The Braille ring by Virtox

So what do you think about this?

How could this be useful for you?

Feel free to let us know…