The Shapeways 3D design challenge!

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We would like to invite all the designers on Shapeways to enter into our 3D design challenge! We are looking for the most inspiring 3D object that can be made. It could be anything: a necklace, a starship, a figurine, art or a useful object of some sort. Our judges are going to evaluate each submission according to just one critera though: how inspiring is it? So get brainstorming, get making and get creating!

So, why enter? The top ten finalists’ designs will be 3D printed out by Shapeways and taken to SIGGRAPH 2008 in LA to be exhibited there. After thousands of designers have seen your work at SIGGRAPH we will ship your model to you. The community will then vote on the finalists to determine which one is our grand prize winner. This person will win an additional $500 in free 3D printing from us.

We will start accepting submissions as of today. You have until August 7th to submit your entry. On the 11th our judges will have painstakingly looked at all the designs and have selected the top ten that will go to SIGGRAPH. On the 15th at SIGGRAPH we will be announcing our grand prize winner. To enter into the contest simply upload your design and add the tag SIGGRAPHContest to the object. I’ll keep you posted! 

Disclaimer: You can not win the trophy in the picture. That trophy is the American Youth Cheerleading National Championship Trophy for 2006. Glory, being exhibited at SIGGRAPH and $500 is 3D printing could be yours however.

(photo credit: Jaye_Elle Creative Commons Attribution)

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  1. James Ray

    Where should one go to submit an entry?

  2. Joris Peels

    You go to to ask for a beta invitation.

    You can then upload your model to Shapeways. If you add the tag SIGGRAPHContest to the model, then that model is in the contest!

  3. Fabian Fricke

    Are there any restrictions/guidelines for the size and how about objects that need to be assembled by hand after printing, would you also take care of that? (So models that consist of several seperate pieces to make it possilbe to mold and cast them afterwards.)

    1. Joris Peels

      Depending on the material there is a maximum build envelope that is a restriction.

      If you are logged in you can see what they are per material:

      We currently do not offer any assembly service but you can print different parts and then assemble them later.

    2. Fabian Fricke

      I do know about these restrictions so I think you got me a bit wrong, the question was only contest-specific because that’s apparently a bit different from the common business.

    3. Joris Peels

      Fabian, there are no special restrictions for the contest. It just has to be printable and be inspiring!

  4. brutto

    Hello, I’m one of the admins os the Blender Brasil community and I’m posting this new about your contest on the site. I think we’ll have some people interested on the contest and Sapeways as well.
    I could tell them to sign in on Shapeways using the “BlenderNation” code but I think that’s a little wrong so how about the creation of some invitations for the brazilan community? If the answer is “yes”, please tell me by e-mail.

  5. Dylan Lynch

    you sent me an email about printing my model…do I still have to enter the contest?

  6. Joris Peels

    Dylan, We asked you for permission to print your model because we wanted to exhibit it at SIGGRAPH. You are free to enter it into the competition as well. So if you want to enter the contest you can and you just have to add the tag to your model.


  7. Jonathan Gold

    so, when do we find out?

  8. Jonathan Gold

    sweet! I’m on the edge of my seat!

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