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Whilst keeping an eye on the Shapeways Twitter stream, I often notice little exchanges that may be of interest to Shapeways users like the one below. It shows how Twitter can be used to expose and sell your 3D printed models on Shapeways.

@cialina – Please please please tel me where you got this!! My life would actualy be compete if I had one.

@alice_morrissey cant buy it anywhere. designed it in engineering at school. had it 3D printed. only 2 were made.

Firstly we see that someone has designed and 3D printed something for
themselves that deeply resonates with someone on the other side of the
globe who is willing to pay for it. 

Secondly, the response from the designer nonchalantly indicates that it
is a bespoke item that cannot be purchased, creating exclusivity and
product scarcity for something that obviously has a market. 

Thirdly, by simply uploading the STL file to Shapeways the designer could leverage this interest into a sale in a matter of seconds.

Finally a brief interaction on Twitter discussing a design can be picked up by a third party and posted on a blog without any effort on your part…

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