T-Splines Design Contest : Model your organic designs to win

T-Splines, Inc.’s Model your organic designs in CAD Contest is designed to promote the creation of new and innovative 3D content using T-Splines, or using T-Splines in combination with other software.

Prizes valued at over $2600 include 3 iPads, software and 3D printing from Shapeways.


Entries close MDT on September 15, 2010 (6:59 a.m. GMT on September 15, 2010)

Grand prize:

16GB iPad with Wi-Fi ($499 value)
Commercial license of V-Ray for Rhino ($799 value), courtesy ASGvis
iRhino 3D iPad/iPod viewer ($3.99 value)
International publicity in the form of blog posts, tweets and other media
Option to present winning design at a live online webinar, to be recorded and hosted on the T-Splines websites for at least one year
Additional coverage on T-Splines websites

For more details visit the T-Splines Contest Page.

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  1. Dizingof

    Looking at the software’s gallery page just made me regret i spent the last 10 months modeling with Google sketchup :/

    Organic shapes.. smooth… that’s what i need… too bad it’s only for Rhino!

  2. Michael Williams

    It doesn’t “have” to be Rhino. It can be T-Splines, Rhino, SolidWorks, Pro/E, Spaceclaim or Inventor file. And has to be a T-splines model, and not a nurbs model.

    1. fx2

      taken from “System requirements” on T-Spline site:
      “T-Splines v2 requires Rhino 4 SR 6 or later to run. T-Splines runs as a fully integrated plugin to Rhino.”

  3. fx2

    Please correct me if I’m wrong with my summary: in order to participate to this contest, you need to have:
    1) a CAD software license
    2) a Rhino software license
    3) a T-Spline software license

    I’m only good for point 1), and I don’t know if there will be anyone on Shapeways which has got the whole software bundle…

    1. duann scott

      It looks as though the trial version will work but I await confirmation from T-Splines central.

      So that gets you 2 out of 3.

      Rhino Evaluation 4.0 does not support plug-ins, so maybe if you can find an older version it will get you 3 out of 3

    2. fx2

      Please see comment #2.1 about Rhino older version…

    3. duann scott

      Ok, that brings you back to 2 out of 3,


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