YouTube Now Embedable in Your Shapeways Shop

You can now embed Youtube links into the pages of your Shapeways shop so you can show a video of your product in use, an animation, assembly instructions or a simple rotation of the product to help communicate your designs.  Put a link on your Youtube page back to your shop to drive sales. Easy.

In the Shapeways galleries you will see a play icon on all models that
have an embedded video.  On your page you will have a 630×400 video
display.  With enough uptake and positive feedback from the Shapeways
community we may try and expand on this in the future to have the
option of having the video as the main image as well as embedded in the
gallery pages as preview images. 

Let us know what you think…

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  1. Tom van der Zanden

    Great news! Although I’m on vacation, I immediately adopted the feature for all my products. Great addition :-)
    Once I get back I want to remake all my video’s with my new, better camera to get a more professional look, and I’m quite motivated by the embedding.

    I see that you’ve got enters working for the model descriptions. That’s great also.

    I don’t think I would use any video as a main image (for the sake of resolution and never getting the right shot as default image) but I love the addition as is.

    1. Duann

      Thanks Tom,

      I look forward to seeing how the creative ways that people use this function..


  2. Aaron Trocola

    Oh, good. I’ve wanted this feature for a long time. I’ll make good use of it.

  3. Jo De Lange

    To all,
    As a service and to make sure it works correctly, I have been adding for some of you the YouTube links you had in your product page as embedded video. Should you not like this do let me know and I will remove them again.

  4. Shapeways Blog

    Most of the Shapeways community would be considered on the high end of tech savvy, with the ability to generate 3D models in CAD, the initiative to seek out and use a site like Shapeways to realize their ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit to commercia

  5. Shapeways Blog

    We are seeing a tidal wave of traffic heading towards Shapeways from YouTube from all of your 3D Printed designs, whether they be instructions, promotions, unboxings and even fan videos. It is super important to include a link to your design on Shap

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