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As Shapeways is about to integrate YouTube links into the Shapeways site, now is a nice time to check out some of the amazing videos uploaded by the Shapeways community on to YouTube.  Following are a few that I have found doing a simple YouTube search and this is the value of YouTube as it is currently (circa 2010) the second biggest search engine on the internet. So take a look at what some of the Shapeways community has posted, subscribe to the Shapeways Channel on YouTube, and start thinking about what you might want to post and link to your shop on Shapeways.


Gyro the Cube by Virtox 

More Madness from Oskar Puzzles

Chainmail Dice Bag by WelshDesigns

Dizingof’s keychain AC charger for iphone/ipod

World Smallest Cube Puzzle by the appropriately named microcubology

Zen Box by The Magic Shop

The DNA Flower Pendant by opresco

And last but not least the Shapeways 300SD RC Helicopter by UnderTheFloor79

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