Our machines part III: Dimension sst 768 and Dimension Elite

The Dimension 3D printers look a bit
like Darth Vader’s favorite coffee machine. They’re about the size of
one of those cup dispensing office coffeemakers too. They are made by
Stratasys, the same company that makes the FDM 400mc. But, whereas the
FDM is a industrial type machine thats in the expensive Italian
convertible price range, the Dimension is quite a bit cheaper. An
adventurous Stratasys dealer might trade it in against a used 2004

We also use the Dimension Elite which is a couple of grand more expensive and uses stronger materials and provides for a smoother finish. The Dimension’s are great because they really would work in an office. The do not make a lot of noise compared to the other machines and are considerably smaller. The removing of the support material is also easier than it used to be, even though I personally do not see how you could do this in an office environment.

The Dimension uses the FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling which we talked about here. So many of the models you guys order in the Cream Robust material will be made by the sst 768. Later on we will add new materials that will show you the full potential of the Elite printer.   

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