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Gold Plated Stainless Steel is Back

Due to the positive feedback and fantastic models, Shapeways has decided to reintroduce Gold Plated Stainless Steel as a permanent materials option for the Shapeways community. 

With this reintroduction there is a change to the pricing from a flat rate with start up, to a stepped, non-linear pricing plan whereby the larger the volume the better the rate. Larger models are comparatively cheaper for us to produce so we would like to pass on that saving and encourage users create models of greater volume.

During the initial introductory period Shapeways did not cover its costs on the Gold Plated 3D printing and processing, especially with the smaller parts, so for Shapeways to remain viable we have introduced a new pricing structure for Gold Plated Stainless Steel.

So here is how it works:

0cm³ < to ≤1cm³    = Min. price $20
1cm³ < to ≤  5cm³  = $11/cm³
5cm³ < to ≤ 10cm³ = $10/cm³
                > 10cm³ = $9/cm³

With no initial start up cost.

More information on the Gold Plated Stainless Steel Material Page.

This means: a 1cm3 model will cost you   $20

                  a 2cm3 model will cost you   $31

                  a 5cm3 model will cost you   $64

                  a 11cm3 model will cost you $123

By introducing this pricing plan it will help to cover our costs for the gold plating process and make larger models a more attractive option for the Shapeways community. The pricing plan is over the material price not over the mark up made by
the designer.  As we continue to introduce new materials we will need to assess the pricing structure as we have recently with White Strong & Flexible and now with Gold to ensure we provide best possible value to all Shapeways community.

Please do let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or compliments (or complaints).

Pictured above is the Hive Cuff Bracelet by Designerica.

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