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Changes to community management at Shapeways

Hello all,

Firstly, I would like to thank Joris for his work in helping Shapeways grow its community.  We are happy to say that Joris will continue to blog for Shapeways together with Duann, they both plan to provide you with thought-provoking reading material, interesting designs, and nice-to-knows.

As the Shapeways community is very important, we have ensured we have lots of experience available to make sure we take steps in the right direction.  Bart, who many of you will have seen on the forum, will be available to help.  Bart Veldhuizen has been helping out Shapeways from the start, he is also responsible for, so a seasoned 3D designer.  You will have seen Bart together with Joris in our latest Shapeways Live video which for now he will continue to host every second Wednesday at 8PM CET – for exact dates see our events page.

In addition, Duann has been active on our forum since the beginning of this year, has written several blog post for us the last couple of months and will now take a more active role in helping you making the most of the social media tools that are available to sell your products through the Shapeways Shops.  Some interesting tutorials you might already have seen from Duann are: full color 3D printing from 3Ds max, modeling in Cinema 4D, How to photograph your designs and submitting your designs to social media.

So keep posting your comments on our blogs, on the forum, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages, there are still many of us Shapies who are interested to hear your feedback so we can keep on improving and growing.

Have any specific questions, we are always happy to help, feel free to contact us.


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