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Painting your Spaceships

A few weeks ago Steve of Third Fate Creations approached us about showing off
his painting skills on some of the space ships on Shapeways. Steve
works with mini designers in a very selective way. He chooses designs
that inspire him and then paints them. Mostly this is for a fee and sometimes when Steve is really inspired it is in return for credit and keeping the painted mini. You can
check out the pricing and also a lot of airbrush and painting tips on his

We gave Steve a few models so he could show off his
skill for you guys and hopefully get you all to start thinking of the
possibilities of combining airbrushing with your 3D prints. For
Shapeways Steve painted two of  Charles Oines intricate and wonderful
spaceships: the Ryuushi
and the Martian
Icaria Class Strike Cruiser

Steve, “used an airbrush on all but the “gem/glass reflection
spots” and on
those used a 00 brush.
The paint is a combination of GW, Createx, and
Autoair, depending on what effect I needed.
It took, roughly, 4-6
hrs total time to prep and paint each one.”

If you look at Charles’ Shop
you can see that the models are tiny.The Dominator for example of 0.9
by 3.6 by 3.9 cm. The intricate painting detail that Steve managed to
with at this scale is just crazy. 

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