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So what will I miss most now that I’ve left Shapeways?

My colleagues? No, what I will miss is the Shapeways Makerbot. We got a beautiful Makerbot Industries Cupcake CNC some weeks ago. Our Makerbot is quite noisy but we love it. Hans put it together for us and he is trying to add things to it all the time. We really wanted a 3D printer around the office and we’re very happy to have this now.

Our findings:

  • The entire process of getting a Makerbot and putting it together is a lot of fun.
  • Assembling a Makerbot is not difficult if you’re a Dremel owning techie type of person.
  • Your Makerbot will not work all the time so you have to keep at it.
  • You will get stuck but there is a great Makerbotting community out there to help you.
  • Owning a Makerbot will make you feel like you came from the future.

Watch the rather noisy video of our Makerbot below (and I was kidding I’ll miss my colleagues a tonne!) . 

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