1. Madox

    Cool, I’m so afraid to use Glass because I’m afraid it’ll just break!

    PS : All I seem to notice is how good your English is [Both of you]…

  2. edddy

    the most stupid thing I ever since on your site
    why doing that in 3d, absolutely useless
    and it’s even not pretty

    1. Joris

      I’m sorry you don’t like it. Normally one could say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and all that. In this case however this is demonstrably the most beautiful glass 3d printed wind chime in the world since it is the only one. This item was made to inspire you to get people to think about using different 3D printing materials in combination with each other. It was meant to make you think of the musical properties of glass. It was meant to illustrate the combinatory manufacturing idea. So, sincerely now: I’m sorry you didn’t get inspired.

      I’d like to give you a challenge in return. Design a more beautiful wind chime for less than $50 on Shapeways. We will then print it and give it to you.


    2. edddy

      oh great! I take the chalenge, thank’s

    3. Artur T.

      I think you really have a good opportunity here, edddy.
      especially now, since we *lowered our prices* on glass to only *$5.99* per cu.cm, and the startup cost to only *10$* per model.
      As I said in the video, really looking forward to your new creations. ;-)

    4. Jo De Lange

      actually start up cost for glass is now only $5, not $10

    5. curious

      Does Artur get to judge if it is better? Or is it up for vote? ;]

  3. Tony Bignell

    I like this.

    My only disappointment is that we didn’t get to hear how it sounds: all talk and no demonstration.

    Developing a wind chime which actually sounds nice can be a time-consuming matter; the details of the shape and the point(s) from which the pieces are hung all have an enormous influence on the sound quality, as does the material from which they are made.

    1. Andrew Short

      Like Tony, I think it’s just a pity that we didn’t get to properly hear it in action, but it’s a beautiful piece of design. I can’t help wondering how well a 3D-printed stainless steel tube would ring…

    2. Artur T.

      We’ll try to shoot a video next week with a better sound. I like the sound.

      The stainless steel parts I’ve played with sound nice, but thicker parts (so a decent sized tube, requires 3mm wall thickness, and in my opinion would sound dull) but a nice large spiral or SS has a nice vibration to it.
      I had an opportunity to handle http://www.shapeways.com/model/13076/elegant_bowl_sixties_series_1.html this bowl in one of the glass tests. Even though it had some cracks in it (that’s why it’s unprintable in glass) the sound and vibration it produced were really, really nice.

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