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Introducing High Gloss Black Glass & High Gloss White Glass

We can now offer you two new glass materials: High Gloss Black Glass and
High Gloss White Glass. Open the floodgates of your creativity. What
images does their super shiny sheen conjure up in your mind? What will
you guys make with these materials?

egg cup big hearts
is $40

The Angel
as seen above are $23

The candle holder below is $89

The materials have a start up cost of $5 and will cost $6.99 per
cubic cm. Initially the start up costs for Glass were $15 so this
represents a significant price drop in the start up costs. The start up costs of the Milky White Glass has also been reduced by $10 and this material will cost $5.99 per cubic cm. Even though the design rules are the same, the gloss materials are nicer to the touch and stronger.


The materials are made by 3D
printing recycled glass. The fine powder is built up layer by layer and a
binding material is applied to the glass powder that will become your
product. When the 3D print is complete it is baked in an oven to fuse
the glass powder. Your products are then
subsequently enameled to get their glossy finish. 



As you can clearly see in the Angel picture
there is a fair amount of “definition” from the 3D printing process in
the form of bumps and the like. The enamel smooths the 3D prints out
considerably and these prints are closed so not porous as the Milky
White Glass material is. The models are however far from completely
smooth. A lot
of the objects made with this process look really good and very arty.
But, significant warping may occur and the overall dimensional accuracy
of this process is still limited. 3D printing glass is amazing but also
very new and a very experimental process. 

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