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Combinatory Manufacturing is here!

Beginning next month we will enable Shop owners to offer complete and
final products to their customers. This will be done as a test for 2
months or as long as supplies last. We will offer silver plated earring hooks to the produced
earrings and a rubber necklace of 60 cm long with a nice bayonet lock to
any hanger (see picture below).

The bayonet lock:

To ensure your earrings and necklace hanger will include these
additional free add-ons every time they are ordered you will have to
take the following action: 

1) send a mail to with the model’s name & ID, please put either earring or necklace in the subject line.
2) Shapeways will tag your model accordingly to ensure it will get the right treatment once ordered
Once we start offering this service as a test run you will need to
clarify to your customers that they will receive a beautiful end

note: You will receive no notification once your model is tagged.
Sending the mail will suffice. This service will start by July.

Design guidelines:

Earrings: – The inside diameter of the hole were the hooks will be attached to must be at least 1,3mm –
hook will be attached to the hanger using a “o” split ring. This should be
taken into account for the orientation of the hanger. 

The orientation of the ring will determine how the earring hangers will show in someones ears. I have tried to explain in below. Blue is your design. We will always attach the earring in this manner so please be aware of that.

Necklace: – The inside diameter of the hole were the necklace will be put trough must be at least 3.5mm.

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